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Security Audits, Policies and Procedures

 To make sure your security systems and arrangements have kept pace with the changes in your business, Emirates Dawn for Security Consultancy can undertake an in-depth security audit. Following this we will draft security policies and Procedures to ensure that your staff have clear guidelines to follow.

Not only will this strengthen your business but can show clients, auditors, governing bodies and those concerned with corporate governance that external, professional security advice has been sought. You will be in a position to demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that duty of care requirements have been addressed.



This service is of benefit to every organization however it is essential to organizations who have lone workers working away from a permanent place of work such as sales representative. We can help you to clearly define how to safeguard your staff by knowing exactly where they are during the working day and what to do in the event of an incident where accurate information and time are both critical to ensure their safety.